Training that will equip you to

impact your community.

Master a dynamic outreach process through live training, a
proven framework, and ongoing support.

Is Christian outreach

happening in your community?

  • Tired of the filth taught in schools?

  • Worried about the future of our country?


  • Ready to make a difference?
  • Frustrated with feelings of helplessness?

  • Willing to make a difference but aren’t sure where to start?


  • Unsure of how to make an impact where you are?

If so, you’re not alone. This training will help you gain a clear picture for exactly what you can do next.

How to engage your community

Receive Quality Training

In one day, you could be equipped with the basics of innovative outreach that’s effective and fun.

Learn The Five – Part Outreach Process

After going through the initial training, you will learn and implement our proven five-step outreach strategy.

Brace For Impact

Engage your community with confidence knowing that you are fully equipped and making progress.

Meet Your Guides

The team at Impact Oklahoma is dedicated to equipping ordinary Christians to make an extraordinary impact through after-school Bible Clubs. They have trained hundreds of individuals and seen thousands of children reached through after-school programs. Through this training and ongoing support, you will be taught the basics of powerful engagement and the tricks of the trade so that you can take the next steps with confidence and excitement.

Most Christians Don’t Have a Plan for Local Outreach

As an ordinary Christian, it’s your job to impact your sphere of influence for Christ. But while many talk a good game, very few believers know what to do. It can be overwhelming to see the state our country is in and not know what to do about it.

Impact Oklahoma seeks to eliminate your confusion and give you a clear action plan that will help you contribute in a big way. It’s our mission to give you a simple way to fight back against the enemy’s agenda for the future. We want to be the trusted partner you can count on when it comes to making a tangible difference in your neighborhood for Christ.

That’s why our 5-step outreach plan is simple to implement, proven to work, and seeks to keep the main things in focus. We want to help you make a big impact and still have fuel in the tank for other areas of life.

Once you’ve gotten started, you can keep learning through our ever-growing resource library. This will help to ensure that you bring your outreach impact to the next level. Imagine how it will feel to finally see exciting changes happening in your community through the work of like-minded believers.

No more anxiety. No more frustration. Just a whole lot of confidence in God and His plan for your community.

“I feel so much more confident going into this Bible Club program than I did before the training!”


What you will receive when you sign up:


One day of live training












What is the purpose of this training?

This training is meant to equip Christians to start after-school Bible Clubs in their local elementary school. Bible Clubs are an unparalleled way to engage local communities with the gospel. Our initial live training covers the basics of getting started, like a Bible club schedule, teaching tips, lesson preparation, a kid-friendly gospel presentation, and much more. We also have a growing library of video resources to keep sharpening the teaching skills of your volunteers.

Who is this Training for?

Anyone who’s interested in making a difference for God’s kingdom! We’ve worked with pastors, youth pastors, children’s pastors, moms, regular church members, teens and young people.

What does this ministry outreach entail?

The main focus of this outreach program is to reach children with the gospel. A great way to do this is through after-school Bible Clubs. An after-school Bible Club usually happens once a week right after school and lasts between 1-2 hours.

How would this outreach impact my community?

An established Bible Club can benefit the community in many ways. The salvation of children attending is one obvious benefit. These children can then be discipled intentionally (through a church Sunday school or a special kids’ program).

Developing relationships with the families of club kids can open up ways to meet practical needs within their community. There are also many opportunities to minister to the needs of the school and teachers.

How much does the training cost?

The training we provide is absolutely free! It’s our way of contributing to fulfilling the Great Commission here in our own neighborhoods. By providing high-quality content for free, we hope to encourage local believers to join in the work and find a place to let their strengths shine.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Click the Get Started button and fill out some basic contact information. Or contact us directly through our contact form. Our team will get back to you about when and where our next live training will be. 

If you have at least 5 other people who are interested in receiving training, let us know. We would be happy to bring a live training right to your area!